Two New Painting Updates by Erica Jones

Warm wishes at the start of this Lunar New Year!

“Patterns and Polish Lace” and “Chinatown”

Cameroonian patterns create a story about villages and pride. Polish lace, passed down generations, carries the old craft and family stories. Both design and crafted through tradition. These fabrics are draped around all edges of the canvas.


I saw a girl coming out of lantern store during the Chinese New Years celebration downtown last year. I went into the store and felt instantly overwhelmed but stimulated. This is a memory. She is looking to the new year, beyond what crowds her. Characters and symbols that carry protection and luck. Iridescent gold reflects on the surfaces of the talisman.


New painting "Combined" added to by Erica Jones

Hello Everyone!

One of my most recent pieces "Combined" uses patterns found in Polish fabric worn by my Great Grandmother spun together with West African pagne that I have collected. Each piece  tells a story, holds meaning and memories. Even though both come from different cultures, they fit together in a landscape that blends cohesively. 

Please take a minute to check it out:

New Mural and Sale on! by Erica Jones

Hello Everyone,

Last year was an exciting time for the art department at Dream Charter School after moving into a brand new building. I was able to secure a space to create a  mural with 5th grade students while teaching an enrichment course on contemporary murals in the United States. Students composed and created a 14 foot long mural, next to the art room. They learned how to grid a wall and transfer their collective composition using chalk lines. I can never say enough, how proud I am to have such motivated kids to work with.

The mural 'Once Upon A Time There Was A School'  shows the impact of Dream Charter School on our community of students in East Harlem, NYC.

In other news....

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I will be sending another update in the very near future about new paintings recently completed! 

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Please click here to check out the new mural 'Once Upon A Time There Was A School'

Launch of ERICAJONES.CO! by Erica Jones

Foyer de L'esperance NYC

Hello Everyone!

Check out my new portfolio site! I have recently completed a series of paintings based on my two years spent teaching in Cameroon and the people I've met while traveling around Africa. I am excited to share it with all of you. Please inquire about all original art for sale. The shop will continue to be updated, including more high quality giclée prints. Inquiries about commissioned paintings, murals and price estimates can be made directly to

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