New Mural and Sale on! / by Erica Jones

Hello Everyone,

Last year was an exciting time for the art department at Dream Charter School after moving into a brand new building. I was able to secure a space to create a  mural with 5th grade students while teaching an enrichment course on contemporary murals in the United States. Students composed and created a 14 foot long mural, next to the art room. They learned how to grid a wall and transfer their collective composition using chalk lines. I can never say enough, how proud I am to have such motivated kids to work with.

The mural 'Once Upon A Time There Was A School'  shows the impact of Dream Charter School on our community of students in East Harlem, NYC.

In other news....

SALE! Please check out the SHOP for new prices and sales.

I will be sending another update in the very near future about new paintings recently completed! 

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Please click here to check out the new mural 'Once Upon A Time There Was A School'